4 Major Benefits Of Preschool

Posted on: 10 August 2017

While sending your child to preschool before they start kindergarten isn't mandatory, it is still usually a great idea. Preschool has many social and academic benefits for your child, and can help set them learn new skills that will serve them well for many years to come. Here are a few major benefits to consider when deciding to send your child to preschool:

Preschool Prepares Kids for Elementary School

In preschool, your child will get used to learning in a structured environment for the first time. They will learn how to listen to a teacher, follow a set schedule, and play with their classmates in an organized fashion. Preschool usually involves shorter days and isn't as academically focused as kindergarten, so it allows them to ease into the world of school in a way that is comfortable and fun. By the time they start kindergarten, the structure and routine of classroom learning will feel natural to them.

Preschool Lets Your Child Bond with Other Adults

Without the ability to bond and form connections with other trusted adults, your child will likely experience separation anxiety when they start kindergarten. Preschool teachers are known for being kind, loving, and fun, and will help your child feel protected, secure, and well taken care of. This helps establish for your child that while no one is like Mom or Dad, they can have nurturing and fun bonds with many other people as well, making the transition to school much less scary.

Preschool Teaches Your Child Valuable Social Skills

While a certain amount of social skills are formed at home, learning how to interact in healthy, socially acceptable ways with groups of other children is a very important step in your toddler's growth. In preschool, your child will begin to learn how to share, work together as part of a team, and even overcome conflicts and disagreements. With the guidance and supervision of the preschool teacher, your child will learn to form friendships with children who have different personalities and temperaments. 

Preschool Teaches Your Child Responsibility

Your child will gain self esteem and a sense of being competent through the responsibilities of preschool. Small tasks like putting their toys back after playing, keeping their cubbies organized, and helping their teacher care for a classroom pet or plant will give your child a feeling of accomplishment.

Choosing the right preschool for your child will ensure they get to experience these important benefits which will serve them well in preschool, kindergarten and beyond.